MONATIK First Line VIP Tables


As of the time that the Ticket has been provided to the Visitor, the Visitor bears the risk of any loss, theft, damage or misuse of the Ticket. The Ticket is only supplied once and gives access to only one person.

Access to the Event is only obtained by showing a valid and undamaged Ticket. People wishing to enter the Event may be requested and will then be obliged to show proof of identity due to checks on the age limit (if applicable). In the event, after entry, the Visitor leaves the Event or its location, the Ticket will automatically lose its validity.



Be The TOP. 

Top VIP Table

Opening Hours: 11PM – 5AM


Number Of People: Minimum 4 Persons Per table


Included Drinks: 8 Cocktail Drinks & 20 Soft drinks


Included Food: Platter of sushi & Platter of mezze





ساعات العمل: 11 مساءً – 5 صباحًا


عدد الأفراد: 4 أشخاص على الأقل لكل مائدة


المشروبات المتضمنة: 8 مشروبات كوكتيل و 20 مشروب غازي


الطعام المتضمن: طبق سوشي وطبق مازة


Legal Terms

Price: EGP 3000  per person


Tickets: You must order six tickets to have one table at the Top VIP area First Line.


Your Payment: NO refund available. Refund available ONLY if event will be canceled


Entrance Requirements: You must provide an ID that matches the booking name on the ticket




السعر: 3000  جنيه للفرد


 التذاكر: يجب عليك طلب ستة تذاكر للحصول على طاولة واحدة في منطقة كبارالشخصيات الصف الاول 


الدفع الخاص بك: لا يوجد استرداد متاح. رد الأموال متاح فقط إذا تم إلغاء الحدث


متطلبات الدخول: يجب عليك تقديم تحقيق شخصيه يطابق اسم الحجز على التذكرة


لا تحقيق شخصيه لا دخول

Event Details

Event Details

Start date: October 22, 2021

End date: October 23, 2021

Start time: 23:00 EET

End time: 05:00 EET

Venue: Taj Mahal - Sharm El Sheikh Night Club

Directions: Peace Road El Hadaba Sharm El Sheikh Egypt

Phone: 01228220601 - 01228220602